2021 IEEE North American School of Information Theory

Tentative Schedule

  • Tutorial 1 (Monday, June 21, 9am-12pm):
    Prof. Wei Yu, University of Toronto
    Massive Random Access and Massive MIMO

  • Tutorial 2 (Tuesday, June 22, 9am-12pm):
    Prof. Negar Kiyavash, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
    Causal Inference

  • Tutorial 3 (Tuesday + Wednesday, June 22 + 23, 1:00-2:30pm):
    Prof. Michelle Effros, California Institute of Technology
    Network Information Theory

  • Tutorial 4 (Wednesday, June 23, 9am-12pm):
    Prof. Douglas Stebila, University of Waterloo
    Post-quantum Cryptography From the Learning with Errors Problem

  • Tutorial 5 (Thursday, June 24, 9am-12pm):
    Prof. Lizhong Zheng, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Understanding Deep Learning With an Information Geometric Method

  • Tutorial 6 (Friday, June 25, 9am-12pm):
    Prof. David Tse, Stanford University, Padovani Lecturer for 2020
    Operating Blockchains at Physical Limits

Schedule Overview