2021 IEEE North American School of Information Theory

Poster sessions

As part of NASIT, there will be poster sessions. The idea of the sessions is to provide an informal and relaxed setting for students to interact with other students and faculty to get experience in presenting and to discuss their ideas and their research. Students will be required to present a poster in one of the sessions. We encourage more junior graduate students, who do not yet have original research to present at NASIT, to present a tutorial-style poster on some topic of interest to the student. To more advanced graduate students and post-docs we note that posters are not refereed, and that previously published results are completely acceptable.

Poster prizes

The winners are

  1. First prize: Debarnab Mitra, Concentrated Stopping Set Design for Coded Merkle Tree: Improving Security Against Data Availability Attacks in Blockchain Systems

  2. Second prize: Ning Zhang, Attributed Graph Alignment

  3. Third prize: Ecenaz Erdemir, Active Privacy-Utility Trade-Off Against a Hypothesis Testing Adversary

Thank you to Prof. Andrew Eckford, Prof. Aaron Gulliver and Prof. Ashish Khisti, who kindly served as adjudicators for the Best Poster Prizes.

Virtual poster sessions

The poster sessions are scheduled for

They will take place in virtual poster rooms using the web-conferencing space Gather.town.
Please check out the information at this link for navigation in Gather.town.

Poster abstracts

Each session will feature 25 posters. The poster abstracts are listed here.

Instructions for poster presenters

  1. Please check the poster session assignment to find the date and poster number you are assigned. Your poster will be pre-uploaded to Gather Town according to the assignment. Please see the instructions here to get familiar with functions in Gather Town.

  2. On the day of your poster session, please stay in your poster area (press x on your keyboard when you are in the shaded space in front of your poster to enter your poster area) most of the time. When you are inside a poster area where your poster is on full screen, there are two buttons on the right (shown as below).


When the top button is activated, you can click your mouse anywhere on the poster and a red circle will show on the shared screen. The bottom button allows you to zoom in/out on your poster.