2021 IEEE North American School of Information Theory

Poster session 1: Monday, June 21, 1:00-2:30 pm PDT

Poster room layout

poster room layout 
  1. Debarnab Mitra, Concentrated Stopping Set Design for Coded Merkle Tree: Improving Security Against Data Availability Attacks in Blockchain Systems

  2. Fabrizio Carpi, Single-Shot Compression for Hypothesis Testing

  3. Anindya Bijoy Das, Coded Sparse Matrix Computation Schemes That Leverage Partial Stragglers

  4. Raaz Dwivedi, Revisiting Complexity and the Bias-Variance Tradeoff

  5. Irem Ergun, Distributed Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning

  6. Nahid Esmati, Private Linear Transformation: The Single Server Case

  7. Konstantinos Konstantinidis, ByzShield: An Efficient and Robust System for Distributed Training

  8. Ning Zhang, Attributed Graph Alignment

  9. Bo Guan, Superstring-Based Sequence Obfuscation to Thwart Pattern Matching Attacks

  10. Mahshad Shariatnasab, On Graph Matching Using Generalized Seed Side-Information

  11. Nishant Mehrotra, DoF Region for Joint Imaging & Uplink Communication

  12. Noah Brüstle, Variations on the Magic Square Game and Their Communication Class

  13. Yinbin Ma, A General Coded Caching Scheme for Scalar Linear Function Retrieval

  14. Somalatha U, Role of Shared Key for Secure Communication over 2-User Gaussian Z-Interference Channel

  15. Serhat Bakirtas, Database Matching Under Column Deletions

  16. Hibatallah Alwazani, Channel Estimation for Distributed Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces Assisted Multi-User MISO Systems

  17. Shraddha Sahoo, Finite Block Length Achievable Rates for Interference Limited Scenarios’

  18. Deeraj Kumar, Finite Block Length Information Theory and Its Importance in Mission Critical Applications

  19. Sarah Bahanshal, Binary Decomposition and Coding Schemes for the Peak-Constrained IM/DD Channel

  20. Siyao Li, A Control-Theoretic Linear Coding Scheme for the Fading Gaussian Broadcast Channel with Feedback

  21. Mobina Mobaraki, Vision- Based Real-Time Seam Tracking and Defect Detection in GMAW Fillet Welding Process Using Neural Networks

  22. Ziao Wang, Universal Graph Compression: Stochastic Block Models

  23. Ruowen Bai, Kramers-Kronig Based Optical OFDM for Bandlimited Visible Light Communications

  24. Jovana Plavsic, Visualization of Digital Twin Data

  25. Morteza Shoushtari, Caching for Secrecy over the Binary Erasure Wiretap Channel